Advanced Shooting Class

While still emphasizing the basics and fundamentals of shooting, this class is ideal for advanced players looking to learn and improve on game speed shots. This class further teachers proper mechanics on preparation to be ready to shoot in games. Footwork, speed of release and increasing range will all be emphasized.

Ball Handling and Passing Class

Ideal for players looking to concentrate on improving their ball handling skills as well as the lost art of passing and passing correctly. Fun, challenging and innovative drills will be used to teach this skill set.  Repetitive fundamentals will be emphasized in every class in order to improve skill and confidence.

Offensive Moves Class

This class focuses on creating scoring opportunities for the offensive player. Whether off the dribble or out of the triple threat position, players will be taught how to attack defenders with initial moves as well as counter moves to put themselves or their teammates in a better position to score.

Big Man Class

A must have class for post players as well as perimeter players who are looking to post up defenders in games. Emphasis on moves and footwork in the low post, mid post, and high post.

Advanced High School Class

Skill training for advanced high school age kids who are already on their high school varsity teams or who are looking to make the team in for the upcoming season. Guys and girls groups capped at 6 per group.